Oprah Magazine January 2019


Excerpt from Oprah Magazine’s January 2019 edition:

Class Apps

Can’t —or don’t want to— sweat with strangers? These audio-based apps turn your phone into a (cheaper) cardio class.

Concept: Hop on your stationary bike, select your teacher (you’ve got six to pick from, each with different music preferences) and how long you want to sweat (20 to 60 minutes), and tap Let’s Go! You can also choose either Classic rides, based on time intervals and rpm, or Beats rides, which use the songs’ rhythm to guide your pace—both paid expert instruction with motivating tunes.
Cost: $10 per month or $90 for a one-year subscription
Cool Feature: Want quieter (or louder) coaching? The app lets you adjust instructor and song volume independently. We’re with you, Rihanna: Please don’t stop the music.”