Your body is like a car engine. It needs to be fueled before it can operate. Unlike car engines that run off of gasoline, your body runs off of food. If you try to do anything physical, let alone intense cardiovascular activity, without proper fuel, you will not perform well or feel well. We asked our instructors what their best practices are when it comes to fueling up for a ride. Below, we have included their helpful tricks and tips!

Often times, Jess finds herself riding in the mornings. She admits breakfast is not her favorite meal, but that doesn’t mean she neglects her body’s need for fuel. Rather, she goes for something quick and easy and just “grabs a protein bar.”

When Noël works out in the morning, she “will have water, coffee, a banana or an apple and a scoop of peanut or almond butter.” This is enough to hold her over through her workout until she has a more complete breakfast within one hour of finishing her ride. When Noël works out later in the day, she tries to “time a meal about two hours before and then again within 1 hour of finishing class.” Clearly, Noël values re-fueling as much as she does fueling!

Kevin says that he is “a big smoothie guy.” His go to pre-ride smoothie consists of “banana, strawberries, kale, yogurt, almond milk, and protein [powder].”

Like Jess, Shanda likes to keep it light before a morning ride. She usually has a “Vega protein bar and a Celsius energy drink as pre-work out.”

Jonathan has a unique approach to his pre-workout fuel. He finds himself needing “a jolt of sugar before a workout.” His “go-to’s [to achieve this jolt] are gummy bears & donuts.”

These are merely suggestions, but the important thing to remember is that you need to fuel your body if you want to perform your best. We recommend experimenting with your pre-workout nutrition and finding what gives you the most sustained energy! Happy riding!

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